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A Von Wunder Haus' Clumber Spaniel puppyAt Von Wunder Haus we strive to produce Quality not quantity. We breed to improve our stock - to produce a dog that is physically and mentally sound, one which is a proper representative of that breed, and one which would be a joy to own.

Von Wunder Haus' Rottweiler puppies cleaning each others face after dinnerPuppies are occasionally available for sale. The puppies that are sold as pets receive care identical to those destined for the show-ring. They are raised in a home environment. They are socialized and exposed to situations which they must become accustomed to as adults, such as car rides, household noises, and being groomed and handled.  We try to make the transition from our home to the puppy's new home as stress-free as possible.

Von Wunder Haus' Clumber Spaniel puppies We always encourage careful consideration on the part of all prospective puppy buyers to be sure that a Rottweiler or Clumber Spaniel is the perfect breed for them. Read on and learn more about these magnificent breeds!

We don't have any litters on the ground at the moment, but if you would like to visit with a past litter, please follow the following links. Everybody loves puppies...

Clumber Spaniel Litters              Rottweiler Litter


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